Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Review

Hello all! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. Just a quick reminder, we will be having a special interview on Monday for my writing inspiration that you should definitely take a look at! Anyway, every once in a while I will do reviews for movies, music albums, and books. Today I will do a review for the movie Brave! On opening day my sister, my neighbor, and my neighbor's two little ones went to see this new Disney film. Princess Merida is training to be a princess under the careful watch of her mother's eye. However, Merida does not wish to be a "perfect princess" like her mother wants her to be. The tomboy becomes furious with her mother and makes a decision that seems right at first to Merida, but soon becomes a huge mistake. Compared to other Disney movies, Brave had a bit more of a dark feel to it. I saw that my neighbor's youngest was quite afraid during a few scenes of this film, along with many other kiddos in the theater. I did however like the moral of this little story. The re-mending of the relationship between Merida and her mother was very inspiring. Personally, this is not my absolute favorite Disney Pixar movie. But it was a nice and enjoyable film that I probably will end up buying on DVD.

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