Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rambling and Such

    Well hiya everyone! How's life? I hope wonderful. I'm finding that the more the days go by, the more grey and monotonous they become. And its only been, what, five weeks since I began this school year? I think quite a few of us are experiencing these dull days. We get up earlier and go to bed later. Our main goal in life is to get our work complete before sundown. We can never escape these responsibilities, but we can toss in some things in our week to brighten our spirits. In these past few weeks, I've been trying to add in small things that I can look foreword to and not have to throw off my schedule. I try to get up early each morning to spend some time with the Lord (which has pretty much helped the most!). I have been trying new recipes that are quick and super healthy (I look foreword to sharing them with you!). I've begun to play a few piano pieces I have always dreamed of completing one day. And, oh yes, I've been sticking to my half-marathon training schedule. That has helped brighten up my week a lot. But maybe brighten isn't exactly the best term to use. I'm in a love-hate relationship with running.
    And best of all, autumn is just around the corner! Oh how I am excited for autumn!! Be expecting posts with lots of golden leaves, pumpkins, and all things fall!

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