Friday, August 30, 2013

Someone Pinch Me!

Hello all! Hope you are having a wonderful Friday! Golly, I just finished my second week of being an upperclassman. I'm already ready for summer break again. School has literally taken over my life these past 14 days. I have not loved the weekend as much as I do now! Anyhoo, the few things that have taken my mind off of school have been very goods things. First, half-marathon training. That's right! I'm running my first half marathon in November. I'm SO excited! More updates on training to come. The second thing I have been even more excited for is Coldplay's new song that will be on the Catching Fire soundtrack, "Atlas". It was supposed to be released on the 26th of August, however (due to some delays) it will now be released on September 6th (a week from today). I'm so excited to hear it! Everyone's wondering what it might sound like. If you remember, the Hunger Games soundtrack was a lot of the sounds of District 12. Do you think "Atlas" will have a District 12 sound or maybe a Capitol sound? I'm leaning more towards the latter. I suppose we'll all have to wait though! Let me know your thoughts! 

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