Friday, August 9, 2013

BIG News!

Hello all! Hope you are having a fabulous Friday! I never thought I would ever write those words in the picture above. That, my friends, is the end of my first story. You see I have this problem with not being able to finish the stories I start because I come up with wonderful new story ideas, and leave the others ones to be neglected for all eternity in my idea notebook. But after three years, I finally finished this book. And it has been so exciting to see these words, the end. But as you can see from the "...but only for a little while", I have an idea for a sequel (yay!!). Anyhoo, this is not an incredibly long book, only 120 pages (I have a cover page, and a dedication page as well.) I regret to say I will not be posting any parts of my story on this blog, due to the fact it is not copyrighted. Which leads me to my next little "announcement". I plan to go back through this story and edit it. Then, once that is all done, I'm hoping to try to send it to some publishers. If I get rejected, I get rejected. J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before Harry Potter was ever published. So to all you writers out there, I just want to tell you to never stop working hard on your pieces. Even if we never get published, we have our stories, and they can stay with us forever. We can tell them to friends and family. We can use them. Mose importantly, let God take the reigns of your stories, you never know how He can use them. God's power is beyond all comprehension, why not pray and ask Him to use your story? You never know what He could do with it.
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