Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy Skin

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday! Everyone loves healthy skin, right? I certainly do! Today I wanted to share with you all a few products from Clean and Clear that I use to keep my skin nice and healthy. Let me know what you think about these products! 

I love this Deep Action Cream Cleanser! This product makes my face extra fresh, clean, and clear. What I love most about this cream is that it helps get rid of those annoying zits! :)

I don't know what I'd do without these Oil Absorbing Sheets! I love these because they get rid of all that oil on your face and, like it says, doesn't smudge your makeup! These are really nice to have for your purse. 

I use this foaming facial cleanser all the time! This product keeps my face nice and clean by getting all that bacteria off after a long day.
Ah yes, my favorite Morning Burst Body Wash! This body wash is especially fresh! 


  1. Hey! Cool blog :)) I have the deep action cream cleanser too!, it works a treat! :D

    1. Thanks for the comment and the follow!



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