Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Fashion Finds- Guest Post from August at Shiny Rags and Cheap Riches

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Friday! Today, I am so excited to welcome August from Shiny Rags and Cheap Riches! I love her blog, so it is such an honor to have her guest posting here today. Definitely go check out her blog! Enjoy!

Hey! I'm August. My blog is called Shiny Rags and Cheap Riches. It's about girly stuff, but it's also about using cheaper brands that more people could afford instead of the $30 makeup that most beauty gurus use. I also post things about my life, just whatever I feel like. In this post here, Madison asked me to do a Friday's Fashion Finds. I decided to make outfits on polyvore ( it was easier and more fun to find everything to make the outfits.

 The one with the green bag is not something that I would wear, but I was
 inspired by the bag and thought of how I would style it. I tried to use the
 complementary, which is red, to make it pop. But, I didn't want to make it
 Christmassy, so I paired them with the striped jeans and nude studded flats.

 In the middle one, I was inspired by the ferris wheel. I love vintage
 carnival stuff. The outfit is romantic and the clutch looks like something
 that my great-grandmother would have. I would paint my nails in the green
 color to go with the outfit. The shoes add a little pop of fun color
 without being too much.

 The last one is similar to what I wear everyday. It's girly, with vintage
 romantic and a touch of quirky Kawaii. In my closet, I could probably find
 something similar to everything in the picture.


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