Wednesday, June 6, 2012

England Obsession....
         We all have our little obsessions. For some people it's fashion. Others, it could be something like the Hunger Games. For me, it's England. England is a beautiful country that I have always wanted to visit. Not only is it beautiful, but it's full of culture. I just adore reading and looking at pictures about how people of England live. I love the business of the tiny shops in the little towns, the accents that I try to imitate, and the rainy days that are perfect for reading or watching Downton Abbey. England has stolen my heart and I am determined to get there one day. Check out a few pictures of England from my Pinterest board

Cottages in Shaftesbury, England- I think I could live here!

England by the sea- So gorgeous!

Don't you just love these little cottages in Cotswolds, England?

Love all the lights in Cambridge, England

A lovely little café somewhere in England
And I couldn't leave out the classic picture of London, England!- I wonder if you can really use that phone booth.


  1. I'm a huge admirer of England too, it looks so beautiful! Honestly, I'd be happy to go anywhere in Europe. My ultimate dream vaca would be to Italy :)
    Love these pictures, so pretty!
    Hope you're having a great summer, Madison! :)

    1. Italy would be very neat to visit! Lots of history there :) Hope you're having a great summer too!

  2. I love England and I am going there in 10 days. Hope you are having a great summer Madison.
    Follow my blog:

    P.S. yes the one who goes to school with you.

    1. That's so awesome you're going to England! Hope you have lots of fun. I'll definitely follow your blog, too :) Hope you're having a great summer so far!

  3. Okay, those pictures are absolutely stunning! I love the cottage look England holds. How has your summer been, Madison?

  4. Pretty good so far! How about you?


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