Friday, May 25, 2012

        Hello everyone! It's finally Friday. Personally, I just adore Fridays in the summer. Anyways, this summer, my lovely sister and I are finally putting Pinterest to some use. We decided to start making some recipes from Pinterest. Here are a few recicpies that looked pretty yummy to me. 

Yum! Check out this Texas Ranch Chicken Casserole

Mmmm! The secret recipe for Red Lobster biscuits is revealed!

I kid you not, this Crispy Cheddar Chicken is making me drool! Looks so yummy and I definitely want to make this. 

These Oatmeal Creme Pies look delicious! (A little FYI: The recipe on the website below is at the very bottom of the page)

This Peanut ButterCup Brownie Torte looks amazing!! 


  1. Yumm!! You should be proud that you have officially raised my hunger level today :)
    I might be making some of these this summer too, they look delicious!
    Thanks for sharing, Madison! Loving your blog. :)

  2. Those look AMAZING!!!! I love interest, don't you?


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